A long time ago there lived a beautiful she wolf. Her coat fine, of sable & of silver grey. Her eyes deepest amber, ablaze & blessed with a mighty intelligence

this she wolf, she could fly & did; reaching as far as she could & would often be found as close to the peace in Heaven as she could be



walking the following night after Rintin’s passing, I came to the ancient forest. A meteor shower was raining overhead, white blobs were rising on the horizon. Through tears, in the light of a large white moon, an angels face apperared; beautiful, but such a dreadful feeling when it left me. I then saw my darling girl Rintin curled up in the same light. She was sleeping with her muzzle beneath her paw & tail tightly curled around, safe.

2 months passed & searching everywhere for a new companion, I found her a thousand miles away & brought her home.

here she is; running besides her mother, not long before saying goodbye

Life diary of a Czechoslovakian vlcak (Alsatian X wolf)